Security Patrol Program


We are raising an additional donations to maintain our program, please contribute monthly and quarterly to our security program. You can donate to the security program by clicking on the 'donate' button below. 


We're proud to have  Chesley Brown International patrol our neighborhood. We hire Chesley Brown officers to patrol Southmoreland multiple times per day. Observe something suspicious or potentially criminal?  Call Chesley Brown to have them check it out.  They can also perform door checks for residents of Southmoreland who are out of town.  


Please call (816) 918-3652 to contact Chesley Brown dispatch for service 24/7 or door checks.  In an emergency, ALWAYS dial 911. 


This private security for the Southmoreland neighborhood is provided by neighborhood institutions, businesses, and residents.

For emergencies always dial 911, and always report ALL crimes to the KCPD. 


The KCPD only schedules patrolling activity according to the history of events that are called-in!  To report safety issues, suspicious activity and to alert the neighborhood and security patrol of a crime (after you have called it in) please email us here.