We have ten board members - President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary and six committee chairs.


President - Rob Williams


Vice President - Laura Burkhalter
Board Duties: Act as President in the President’s absence. Assist the President and other officers in their duties as needed. 

Treasurer- Daniel Suddarth
Board Duties: Pay invoices and maintain financial records for Southmoreland (electronically), and report to board and membership on financial matters. 

Secretary - Chris Quinn
Board Duties: Prepare meeting minutes. Maintain SNA history, records, grant documentation, and files. 

Chair, Planning and Development -
Laura Burkhalter
Board Duties : Be an ambassador at city events and participate in community planning and development programs that affect the future of Southmoreland. Oversee fundraising and grant writing.

Chair, Membership and Community Liaisons - Anna Pechenina

Board Duties: Recruit new members. Southmoreland liaison with businesses, institutions, individual members and prospective members. Maintain membership records and database.

Chair, Public Information -Jessica Kalmikoff
Board Duties: Prepare and publish the SNA newsletter quarterly. Coordinate announcements and press releases. Maintain and update the Southmoreland website. 

Chair, Programs and Events - Susie Weis

Board Duties: Plan and implement one-time and recurring programs and events such as the Annual Block Party, Yard Sale, twice-yearly community dumpsters, and neighborhood cleanups. 

Chair, Neighborhood Culture and Preservation - Katie Sowder 
Board Duties: Knowledgeable on building codes including KCMO codes administration. Historic preservation matters including cases before the Landmarks Commission. 

Chair, Safety - Gina Tamasi and John Cunningham
Board Duties: Work proactively with neighbors, businesses, and Police and Fire departments to improve personal and property safety in Southmoreland. Monitor performance of Safety Patrol provider


Southmoreland Neighborhood Association Bylaws are located here.

Southmoreland Neighborhood Association Bylaws and Board 

Southmoreland Neighborhood Association 

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