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Safety Resources 

TAPS KC provides private security for the Southmoreland neighborhood, and is funded by neighborhood institutions, businesses, and residents.

Please call (816) 569-3371 to contact TAPSKC dispatch for service 7:00pm to 7:00am or door checks.  In an emergency, ALWAYS dial 911. 


Kansas City Police Department (KCPD)


In an emergency, dial 911.


For non-emergencies, call 816-234-5111

For administrative calls, use 816-234-5000


Visit the KCPD website for additional information. 

Visit the KCPD Central Patrol website for information about local commanders, and information specific to our community.  KCPD Central Patrol is located at 1200 East Linwood. 


Personal Safety Guidelines


KCPD Crime Prevention Handbook

Crime Prevention Tips

Burglary Prevention for Homes

Robbery Prevention Tips


Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

On October 28, 2020, Officer Holly Sticken gave a presentation on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). A copy of the powerpoint can be found here, and a video recording of the session is available.

If a crime has happened to you, even if you believe it to be minor, Southmoreland Neighborhood Association encourages you to always file a police report.    



Southmoreland Crime Stats

Reports generated by KCPD and SNA Private Security. 






Southmoreland Patrol Reports

Reports generated by  SNA Private Security. 


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